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Oh yes

Several times throughout my life have i been shot at and hit.

First time i got hit, i was out hunting, i was 12-13, and i caught a few pellets of birdshot to the shoulder. They didnt get much penetration because of distance and my winter garb, but damn it didnt tickle.

Second time, i believe i was 15, and my "friend" decided it would be a good idea to "suprise" me that he'd found his fathers .22 deringer. Caught that round full well to the left buttock. (Go ahead, laugh, i do about it. Kinda)

Third time, it wasent me, but my poor Ford Wagon, when i was 24. I was turning onto I-295 in RI, when i lost control of the car. I thought i'd just had a blowout, until they put the new tire on and there was a chunk of brass inside my tire. Nothing conclusive, but i have no other explanation how a new tire (three months on the car) blows out and brass gets in my rim.

Been shot at quite a few times as well.

First time i was about 8, visiting my uncle in NYC. I was in the back seet of his car, and we were going to dinner, when there was a bang, and the back windows both shattered. Yeah, theres a reason i dont like big cities.

Second time, my hunting buddy had an "accidental" discharge or his 12ga, the pattern in the snow stopped about 18-20 inches from my boot. That was around 18-19.

At about 22, walking home (slightly merry) from a country bar, i apparently strayed onto someones front yard. He decided to give me some double barrel inscentive to speed my trip along.

I suppose growing up in the country, i had alot more exposure to firearms than most, which is probably why i have a decent amount of stories without being in the military.

But i am still proud that i have never caused a single firearm related accident. But then again, it doesnt matter how well you handle them, when theres 5 billion others out there who might not.
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