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You guys need to invest a few bucks and buy the excellent reference book entitled "The Standard Catalog Of S&W's", By Supica & Nahas. There is Now Three volumes and they are reasonable. You gun dates roughly 1966 I hope this Helps, Hammer It
Thank you for the help. I only have the one S&W (it belonged to my father-in-law), otherwise I'd certainly invest in the books, especially if I was going to begin collecting S&Ws or if I were in the market for one and wanted to troll the gun shows.

My father-in-law told me that he had bought this particular Model 19 as his first handgun forty years ago. He has maintained it beautifully . . . I'd say, in my non-expert opinion, that the finish is 90%+, and it honestly looks like a new gun, apart from some wear on the bluing near the muzzle.

Thanks again for the information. A manufacture date of 1966 makes sense.
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