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Would these parts do it? AR-15 full auto conversion parts

Just so you guys know I do not own a ar-15 and although i'm half-way looking for one, half-way dreaming if i do end up getting one in the near future i do not have any intention of attempting to convert it to fully automatic, but i just can't seem to leave anything i own in factory form so before i have even purchased a ar-15 i started looking at accesseries and ran into these parts kits... having read up a bit it seems to be pretty well understood that it would take 3000+$ in parts alone, lots of paper work, etc. to convert a ar-15 to full auto, this just seems too cheap and easy to be for real and i've found on the net things that are usually cheap/easy aren't all they seem to be... heres the parts auctions i found... technically if you were to obtain these would that be all you would need to convert your ar-15 to full-auto?
complete bolt and carrier
Hammer, trigger, selector, disconnector, full auto sear w/ pin

also they had this... i had heard if converting to simple safe/full auto was hard converting to select fire was much much more difficult, so i'm assuming these parts added to those above wouldn't do it?
DPMS 4 position fire control
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