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I never said boxing was fighting - it's just one dimension/range of it. What makes you think football/rugby is fighting? It's further away than boxing! Grabbing, headbutting, knees, groin shots, pushing, biting, tackling, armbars, eye gouges, tripping, kicking - I've seen them all in boxing matches!

Where do "contact sports" teach you to punch, kick, or throw your opponent to the ground, then choke or stomp them into oblivion? When does that happen? When during rugby practice do they practice escaping a choke, or blocking a leg kick? Where are the counters a simple punch?

The big difference I see is that the big guy who just tackled you on the football field isn't going to try to finish you once he gains the advantage. The boxer/fighter/[insert combative sport here] is - that's the object of the game they play. There's a big difference in how you approach the situation when you're looking another man in the eye and you KNOW that if they ever get the chance to finish you, they will - and you'd better do the same.

Martial arts IS a hard contact sport, if it's practiced correctly - the accumulated injuries I carry I didn't get by standing in the corner while everybody else worked out. You can't learn to take a punch/kick/throw through the mail, anymore than reading a book would prepare me to play rugby.

I would agree, however, that most martial artists - or people for that matter - have no more concept of real fight than a Khalahari Bushman has of nuclear energy.
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