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Size does matter. I will not dispute that.

I have, however, often trained with much larger (not hard, at less than 150 lbs) partners. Often these partners were over 7" taller, and considerably heavier.

Many of these larger folks had horrible skills. They relied on their size and strength instead of learning something new- finesse, balance, controlled speed. I could often see their disdain at training with a hobbit.

I often had to work hard not to hurt them- in fact- whatever their rank- if I knew they didn't want to train with me (in the last 3 years), they have uniformly been terrible training partners.

I had found that these same individuals usually carry more tension than smaller, more skilled people. That means that I get more return for every strike I put into them. Having a much higher center of gravity, it is also invariably much easier to get them off balance.

"Larger targets."
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