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What a great mpeg! LMAO!

I don't come to this forum much. I have tried to visit more often, but I just don't get most of the posts. I value this BB for the firearms threads.

I spent three years in Japan and two in Korea in my youth. I studied the whole time. Keishinkan Do in Ikebukuro, Japan, as a college student, from age 17 until age 20, and Taekwan Do in Pyeoung Taek, Korea, from age 21 until age 23, as a GI. Truthfully, not much since.

Dave3006's comment about size and how he is amused at the martial artists who think it does not matter is an example of why I don't come here much. Dave, I wonder how the value of size was made so important to your understanding of the application of martial art forms. I assume you are referring to the Oriental forms.

What form or style is it you studied that taught you to understand that the size of an opponent can make such a huge difference? Do you mean all other skills being equal? Speed? Mental focus? Ability to concentrate on one muscle group? Do you think "size make a huge difference" in all cases?
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