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Every animal is different. I have been using the same load (150gr SGK @2900 f/sec) for years and have put that bullet through many deer. Some make it 15 feet. Some 100+ yards. One flinched, looked around all puzzled, so I shot him again. Same effect. Third time's the charm, right? He hopped forward and walked in a circle and laid down and died, with 3 holes clear through his chest. One button buck was running by at 10 yards or so .... I shot and he ran into a tree, fell on the ground on his side, legs furiously pumping as if he was still running upright.... I walked over to him and shot him in the neck with a revolver, which caused him to quit "running" ..... which proved to be really unnecessary, as I had apparently led him a bit far with the first shot- it had hit him under the near side eye and blown the far side of his head away, taking most of his brains with it ..... but his legs kept right on churning air for a good 15-20 seconds (and would have longer if the .357 bullet had not severed his spine). He was most certainly dead, but he was just not totally convinced of it just yet.......
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