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I sent out my monocular for warranty service about two weeks ago. On the third day after the tracking status had said "delivered" I received an email from FedEx with a new tracking number from Vortex optics. It arrived today. The work order had a brief description of my complaints (peeling rubber, canted reticle) and said below:

Rubber would have been fixed but reticle is not something that can be adjusted. Replaced unit. Meets factory specs.

I opened to inspect and everything appears new, and the reticle is centered. It is also easier to see both the silhouttes and reticle in focus together now. One thing I did notice is the mounting hardware came in a tube this time instead of the plastic little box the first time. Because this scope still doesn't suit my needs I will be selling it on the classifieds section (at a loss) for what I think is a more appropriate price.
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