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Yeah the simunitions are great, for some reason they are hard to get authorized to use. I suspect it's just officers too lazy to do the extra RMA paperwork and unwilling to procure the different barrels and safety gear. It iks sort of expensive. It is also a huge improvement over MILES gear.

I think for thr average member of this forum though that simunitions and MILES gear are something that they'll read about but never see or use.

In fact, I imagine most of the members here rarely if ever actually train beyond doing a couple drills at the range occasionally.

I think that setting up some sort of shoot move and communicate training would be helpfull to everyone, and it could be done as simply as this:
set up a lane with reactive targets (2 liter soda bottles or milk jugs wieghted with 1" of sand would work). Set the targets up in your back yard, spaced out a few feet apart at opposate ends of the yard. Each set of targets would be seperated by whatever distance your yard allows

Then, make a few notecards with the targets listed in different orders. ie 1,1,3,2 or 2,1,3,2. pick a card at random.

Move from position 1 to position 2 engaging the targets in the order it appears on your list. Don't leave your position until you knock down the target. Subtract 2 sec from your time for each miss.

If you did this with a friend and timed each other it would be even more effective. This could be done with airsoft, a bb gun, or paintball in a suburban nieghborhood or with real guns at an informal or private range.

I think it would be very useful, alot of fun, and good exercise.
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