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CCW... & that football game...

I went to the Vikings game yesterday ( my 1st game since I began carrying )... I'm not from the metro area, & believe I'd have a much higher need for personal protection "down town" than I would day to day in my normal rural environment... they do not allow "guns" in the dome... & I guess I can understand the reasoning

I guess I didn't even give thought that they would ban guns in larger sporting events, & had to turn back & leave my CZ Compact in my truck before I could get in, they were patting down everyone... ( they still gave me a bit of grief about the empty holster, but nothing serious )

two things bother me here...

removing my gun, & leaving it in a vehical ( we were tail gating, but I was a DD so I had not been drinking ), but had to leave my piece in my truck in a more "unsecure" parking lot than I was comfortable with...

2nd... that area is not necessarily "dangerous", during the time the game is on, but in either the earlier or later hours of tailgating that "type" of neighbor hood is not my favorite place to hang out...

what do you responsible CCW holders do when attending "anti gun" type of events in areas you are not as comfortable in ???
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