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I am NOT impressed by my 45acp brass from corbon. I bought some 165gr JHP +P stuff from them about 2 years ago.

I shot some of it to get a feel for how it fed and recoiled. The brass is paper thin. It wasn't starline, which is what they supposedly use most of the time.

I really like PMC brass in 357mag, 38sp, 44mag and 45acp. Remington and Federal are okay. Starline is excellent, but you will be buying raw brass since no one does bulk commercial loading with it. Winchester is pretty good stuff too. Magtech ain't bad.

Stay away from nickel plated brass. It's pretty and stays clean a long time, but the nickel plating is tough as nails and is reported to tear up your dies over time.

For rifle, I hear that nosler, hornady, lapua and norma are some of the best. Winchester and Remington vary quite a bit in weight from one case to the next. I was weighing some primed winchester brass last night and got anywhere from 162.7gr to 165.5gr.
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