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Well you’re sort of right….

You do turn the Takedown Latch (lever) clockwise - which is down and backwards toward the hammer. This in turn rotates the shaft on the latch in a clockwise direction. The shaft is keyed to the Slide Stop and it is rotated forward and down from a vertical position (which blocks the slide) to a horizontal one (that should allow the slide to be pulled backward and off the frame). A coil spring and plunger is mounted in front of the Slide Stop, and the spring is compressed as the Slide Stop is rotated forward.

If someone removes the Takedown Latch (which I prefer to call a “lever”) while the slide is still mounted the Slide Stop is pushed out of place by the spring and plunger and usually locks the slide in place, and there is no easy way to correct the problem. I think this may be what happened and I’m trying to find a solution. I’m pretty sure there is one because I seem to remember reading about it years ago - possibly in a book that Brownells’ puts out called “Gunsmithing Kinks.”
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