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Originally Posted by HUBEL458
CypherNinja--Twist is 1 to 20 and will stabilize
real heavy(1500gr plus) bullets.The different bullets
and/or sabots would have to be sighted in individually.
If I hunt deer,hogs, or bear I sight it for the 730gr
hard cast Dixie slugs at 2400 fps. Sabots are good but
hard to get and cost more.If used with shot I get
smooth barrel.Ed.
Just to increase my own knowledge a little:

Since the sabotted slugs are smaller than the bore (excluding the sabot) their length is a bit longer than their weight would imply, correct? Meaning, they would stabilize in a barrel with a twist rate closer to what would be needed for, say, those 730gr slugs, right?

Did I get that right? The length of the projectile matters more than the weight in determining the necessary twist rate?

Please excuse this poor n00b. There're no rifle ranges near me so I know alot more about pistols than rifles. Barrel twist isn't a huge subject amongst the pistol community, I guess.

EDIT: I hope I can get to doing as much wildcatting as you someday. You rock, dude.
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