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Originally Posted by Jack Ryan View Post
Colt if you want the real 1911.

Any of all the rest if you want a reasonable facsimile or "just as good as only cheaper" imitations.
While I haven't reached the "if it ain't a Colt, it's just a copy" stage, I do agree with the idea of getting a Colt Competition Model in 9mm. It'll be right around $900 but should run without any fuss.

My one caveat would be you might want to swap the dual-recoil spring assembly for a standard single-spring and guide plug. The dual assembly is offering oversprung and overkill for a 9mm, especially with a heavy 1911 slide and barrel.

For the record, I own 2 Colt Competitions, one in .38 Super and one in .45 ACP, and both are great pistols.

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