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Math is your friend.

Compare the two, using Hornady 150 IBs for both.

The 270 Win goes sub sonic at 1500 yards. The 308 goes Sub sonic at 1150 yards

The 270 Win use to suffer from the lack of long range bullets. Thats not the case to day, there are several excellent bullets out there. I prefer the 150 gn Hornady IB myself esp. on Elk.

At 500 yards either would do the job, but move beyond that the 270 shines.

Hunting ethics aside, I like playing at distance shooting. I can fairly constantly hit a 18 inch gong at 1400 yards with my 270, I'm lucky to do it with my 308 even using 175 Gr SMKs or Hornady 178 A-Max.

But again, at normal ethical hunting ranges both would work fine.

My complaint is that Hornady seems to have given up on the IB in favor of the ELD-X bullets. I have hunted with both, in my 257 Rbts, 270 Win, '06 and found the IB to be a better hunting round. A bit more pricy but its worth it to me.
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