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you are a reloader, the world is your oyster, you can buy whatever 358 lead bullet you want and size it down with a 10$ sizing die to whatever diameter you want. you have slugged this bore twice, and are confident in the fact it has a .358 bore, right? if so, then if you don't wanna shoot lead, then shoot jacketed .357's. the sell many .357 diameter jacketed round nose bullets that will load just fine into a 9mm case, I do it all the time. if your bore is truly a .358, I would buy .358 plated bullets, that way even if it's .357 and some change you can be sure your safe because they are soft and swage down to your bore size much better than a true jacket. if your cool with lead, then buy a coated lead bullet that won't give you fits with leading if your sizing isn't dead on, I would buy .358's and a .357 sizing die to start, if not exceeding your expectations then just roll with the .358's as is.

my favorite reload for my CZ is a 358-125 sized down to .357.

I understand your concern. I have recently slugged my old mosin a couple times and keep coming up with .3095 or .310. I have run .3095, .310 and .311 so far w/o issue, I just recently acquired some .312's which make me a little nervous, but I am just going to start 10% below min and keep close eye on the pressure signs and more importantly make sure I have 100% knowledge of where my shot hit, or I will keep checking the barrel.

I have one pistol that doesn't prefer a .357 bullet. I still just buy .357's and have a handy .356 sizing die, works on jacketed as well if only sizing down a thousandth
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