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There is something of a progression I have noticed (and have subjectively experienced as well):

1. People get a gun and shoot it a couple of times. Maybe they even take a minimalist CCW class or NRA basic. They considered themselves to be "trained", even thought there is nothing in the way of demonstrable skill (or anything else) which they can point to ... except for the ability to put 8-out-of-10 rounds inside a USPSA target at 5 yards, and some vaguely communicated second-hand, fuzzy notions about "what might happen".

2. Somewhere along the way, they might notice how badly they shoot, or how incomplete the thought-process and training were, regarding whatever training (if any) they have received. They start going to the range a bit more, but don't really improve much.

3. They suspect it's the fault of the gun. Surely that explains that "no matter what they try" they still continue to shoot "low and to the left". So they buy a different gun ... which is really awesome 'cuz a gun writer or internet reviewer said so, or a USPSA champion has one, or Navy Seals ...

4. They still pretty much suck, so they pursue endless combinations of guns and modifications. A lot of people discover that they can shoot a 1911 marginally better at some point, so it becomes the "love of their life".

5. The notion of paying for knowledge and training becomes a distant thought. After-all, they've been "shooting for years", and they have a 1911 just like the one so-n-so wins matches with. Maybe another gun will be the answer ... a NightHawk this time ... with the kung-fu grips ... or they need a stipple-job and red-dot sight on their Glock in order to shoot better.

6. The focus on equipment has become such an obsession (happens to musicians too, BTW) that the notion of attaining skill is really nothing but a far way concept ... and so far we're just talking about raw fundamentals absent any defensive context. Any discussion of fighting skill, tactics, etc. .... you might as well be talking about the weather on Mars.

There's far more to this progression ...
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