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I have heard some people talk about the technique of taking up the slack in an M9's double action trigger AS you push the front sight to the target (e.g. already pointed in the direction of the target).
I've also seen a moderate to experienced shooter put a hole in the roof of the range shelter trying to do this!
Therefore, I DO NOT RECOMMEND it.

With an M4/M16, there isn't enough take-up for this to make a big time difference, and the potential for a negligent discharge is high. With an M9, there is a little benefit, but I don't think it is worth it, unless you train that to a "superman" level. The human flinch response can generate something like 25lbs of trigger pressure (or so I've heard)...more than enough to launch a round by accident.

Also, DON'T RELY ON THE SAFETY TO KEEP YOU SAFE! The safety is there as a back-up for you, not the other way around.
(Based on AF, CSAT, and civilian experience)

Watch out for suspect military training. If something sounds stupid, and doesn't work, it is stupid. There are more than a few people trying to instruct without the knowledge or skills to impart good training.
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