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I have been shooting for a long time and truthfully, I never gave a lot of thought to trigger finger placement. I am always aware if a gun is loaded and whether the safety is on.

It was not until I started shooting with a sworn officer that I learned how to place my finger along side the frame and out of the trigger guard.

I had asked the fellow I shoot with to let me know if he observed unsafe handling. I told him I did not like to be corrected ( still don't ) but also told him I would listen and correct my actions. He told me the bad habit I had was immediately inserting my finger into the trigger guard. I had to work on it and he corrected me each time he observed it.

I am a safer shooter now and I credit him with showing me what I was doing wrong.

Now, it is second nature to get the right hand grip with the gun well back in my hand and finger along the frame and both thumbs forward ( baby bottom ).

My shooting has improved also.

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