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When shooting a shotgun, I've always disengaged the safety and put my finger on the trigger as the gun was mounted. I've hunted with a few guys who would walk up on a point with gun at their shoulder, safety off, and finger on the trigger--that always made me nervous. After seeing someone have an AD when they pushed a thumb safety off while index finger was on the trigger, I don't do that and caution against it. I've also seen people carry a gun with finger in the trigger guard w/safety on. That resulted in an AD right next to me when a glove wedged between trigger and guard and safety was released.
I don't know that the exaggerated "finger sticking straight out" thing is necessary but if that's what it takes for some folks, so be it.
There are many things done in "the military" that are unacceptable in most civilian scenarios. Sweeping others with a loaded weapon is common in combat but highly discouraged in any civilian activity. It's evident that your "book" considers a mechanical safety more foolproof than an educated finger.
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