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I just cut up an old T shirt - and line the "fishing lure box" with it -- does the same thing ... spray them with a little Rig Oil spray ....they don't rattle that way either .... but nothing wrong with a nice bag to carry them in either. ( I can't carry my Browning chokes in a Beretta bag Roscoe ...I'd have to wash, every time I touched it man ..)...

But there are all kinds of choke tube carriers - Browning used to make some but now all I see if the plastic one in the catalog ....( and I would not use a wrench on any choke tube either - I just put them in and out with a little finger pressure / stick your finger into the tube and twist it in or out ) ...any tighter than this is overkill. I change my chokes often on a sporting course - "why carry em, if you don't intend to use them" ....
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