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BigJimP is right on. I bought the Midas grade chokes, the same ones that my Cynergy came with. They are clearly labeled on the blister pack that they came in that they are made by Briley. I'm sure the Winchester Invector Plus ones are too. Just depends on whether you think that the Black body with gold ring or the silver body with red ring is the sexiest looking.

I made my set up as follows:
1 Cylinder
2 Skeet
2 Improved Cylinder
1 Light Modified
1 Modified
1 Improved Modified

I shoot mostly Skeet, 5 Stand and Sporting Clays with this gun. I have others that I hunt with.

This is what I like to carry my choke tubes around in:
Best $22.50 I ever spent. I find the constant rattle rattle of the plastic fishing lure box very annoying.
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