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Browning chokes are available all over -- I've even bought them from the Browning catalog. There isn't that much difference in price ... ( I don't know what your Cynergy came with / but I like the Midas grade or the Diana grade extended Browning Chokes ). The Browning Citori line / and the Cynergy line use the same Invector Plus chokes ( except in some 28ga and .410 models - that still use the older Invector / but even some of them use the Invector Plus as well )..

A note: for Trap from the 16 - 20 yard line / the most common choke is Modified .... from 21 - 25 yards I go to Imp Modified and 26 and 27 yard lines I use a Full ... ( I'm not a registered shooter ... so most often, I'm shooting from the 16 - 20 yard line depending on how the squad is set up.

But 1 oz of 8's and Modified chokes ( in all of my Brownings ) will smoke targets just fine ( even in a 20ga - but then I go to 7/8 oz of 8's ).. You should buy a full set of chokes ( for me means 2 Skeet, 2 Imp Cycl, 2 Mod, 1 Imp Mod, 1 Full ) and I carry them in a plastic fishing lure box in my vest or in my shooting bag ....but you don't need more than a Modified at the 16 yard line for singles or even for Continental Trap...
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