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Congratulations! See, you didn’t even come close to blowing yourself up!

I’m guessing you are saying your hand loads are about the same accuracy as factory?

Now that you haven’t blown up, make 5 cartridges with the lightest recommended load
Then increase powder by .5 grain. Make 5 more.
Increase in .5 grain increments until you get to the max load.

Then go to the range and set up a big paper target for each type of load.

At something like 100 yards, you might see your point of impact between targets not only go up or down, but also left and right. Don’t bother adjusting your scope- you are looking for the load with the smallest group. Adjust your scope later. Save your targets.

Once you pick a best group, you can adjust that load by .2 or .3 grain increments depending on how accurate you want or maybe you got lucky and hit the sweet spot smack dab on.

I used to shoot at targets I made from paper and 1.5 inch blue painter tape cut in to a square then taped to cheap big pieces of paper I got at a craft store.

Then I got a big supply of sight-in targets from my club’s deer hunting season sight-in target fundraiser. Most fellas don’t shoot at the targets on the corners so I snip off the corners to be thrifty. Those stick-on target dots are nice, too.

Another thing I do is write with a sharpie marker next to each group the gun, bullet, powder type, amount of powder, and the distance from outside edge to outside edge of the farthest apart holes. Then take a photo with your phone and save it in a file. I keep a notebook but I am forever forgetting so the photo gallery reminds me of stuff like where I was a month or a year ago.

It’s real interesting the patterns you might find- just be careful the patterns you see can sometimes just be luck like tossing 4 heads in a row. Happens all the time.

Already your name “nube” is obsolete- most fellas never handload even once. Nube no more!
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