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Push it don't give up. You are almost there. 6.5 is easily a 1000yd cartridge. given the right ammo/bullet it will reach out to 1500yds and beyond. Don't short change yourself, you will regret it. I know its been a fight for you trying to decide on caliber and components and actually getting stuff during the shortage. It will be worth the extra work and wait. You will always regret not finishing the project and what it would have been. Been there, done that. Make mistakes, learn, progress, meet your goal...

I am currently working on a budget bolt gun to get me out to 1000yds. a TC Compass. Have had problems with a rough barrel. Poor luck working up loads moa and a half so far... picked a poor optic with BDC instead of moa hashes. got a 10moa rail, will probably need to get a 20moa rail before I am done. had to get a trigger mod kit because the trigger was too heavy. Even with all this I am sure I will make more mistakes. And on top of that, I don't even have a place to shoot 1000yds. I have 100yds, that is 1hr away. I have 500yds that is 2hr 15min away... My best bet is a friend of a friends place that's a 14hr drive away to hopefully shoot it but it probably wont be until 2022 unless things really come together for me this spring.

Hang in there, Sometimes its a struggle. But if the goal is worth it, you just gotta keep pushing forwards one step at a time.
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