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yes you can, but it may be challenging. The scope only has 50moa of adjustment total. thats 25 up and 25 down. You will probably lose some with zeroing.

Assuming good ammo, 168g hornady eldm, bc .523, muzzle 2840fps, with a 100yd zero (may or may not work for your needs) you will have approximately 30.8moa of drop at 1000yds. You will not have enough moa to adjust and will have to hold over. Hopefully you got the scope with the BCD reticle and can use that.

You will need to either have and use the BDC reticle in the scope, or buy a riser with probably 20moa built in...

heres something cheap with 20moa built in and it would get you that extra 1/2in... may or may not fit your needs but something like this is what I would be looking for...
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