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Smartass or no, you do have the benefits of familiarity and 'full supply'...

Things that I do not have! ;D

Residing - as I do - outside the US *DOES* make some things a bit more hard to get, i.e., there are no gun shows around, for one thing...

Paladin Press is a feasible option, although one is subject to postal/customs busybodies...

Hmmm, besides, I'd say that, after reading Gary's reply, that the actual procedures are a bit more involved than your description, wouldn't you?

I agree that the M2s are fun and handy to have around! That's why I got myself one, BTW.

Now, if I could get those pesky 30-rnd mags to work, ho-hum, I'd be just fine! <VBG>

Thanks for the input!

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