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Pre-64 Winchester model 88

As title says, pre-64 win #88 in .243. In great condition, but cycling the next round after a shot fired is becoming more difficult.

I tried purchasing a new magazine (manufactured on original winchester machinery), but it did not solve the issue. Would trying a different style or age magazine help? It appears I have a type 4, newer model, magazine. With the current magazine, there is some vertical movement where it doesn't feel as if it is seated properly. In other words, I can push the magazine upward and when I do that the bold head won't slide forward.

Right now I have to be rather forceful with the lever. Or start the action then back it out and push it forward again. I'd like to make this a little smoother to cycle, although, I feel like I've read in the past that they weren't considered the smoothest to begin with.

Is this normal? Any thoughts?
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