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I know of 3 cases where high round count took a Grizzly down.

Two were high capacity 9mm pistols. Stupid yes, but down they went (no it was not a charge situation)

The other was a AK-74 type semi auto against a Grizzly. I think some of it was BS (he claimed he was charged - I think it was a screw ball that wanted to kill something)

I forget how many time he hit it (12-15 x), he killed it.

So, if you can manage it (not being charged) quantity may have a quality all its own.

Probably the only thing that would stop a full charge Grizzly is a 50 cal full auto or a 20mm.

The rest is shot placement as much for 375 H&H as a 308 and surprise it before it knows there is a threat.

Or as Robert Culp said in I Spy after a many round shootout that no one hit anything (Rome Coliseum as I recall), I need a bigger gun, I could not hit anything!
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