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It might be of some balance to inform folks that 30-06 has taken more Grizzly than all other calibers combine in AK.

Why? History. WWI and on, 30-6 was the gun you had in AK (no disagreement there were other cartridges)

Thousand of Griz was shot to clear the Homestead (my step dads father shot 8 with an 06). Then there were the hazard bears for any operation.

Now Mr. Griz is a guided hunt (mostly) and the guides want 375 and they backup with at least that though they have been going to 444 Marlin with Hard cast bullets (deep penetration). Not that many Griz per year killed now. Still, over history, 30 cal wins hands down.

So yes you could kill a Griz with a 308.

Me? I leave Mr. Griz alone and so far he has left me alone. Works out well.
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