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Yes I agree with that Mainah. The school board in my rural town in PA made it that the students had to be present when the lockers were opened, and an impartial 3rd party there to witness the search to make sure no funny business or railroading happened.

Searches NEVER came up with anything. The few kids who dealt in pot kept it either off campus or in their cars. Otherwise, the kids in this little farm town were pretty clean.

Heaven forbid they found tobacco in an 18 year olds locker, the place was put on such a stupid lockdown over chew, you’d think it was a controlled substance!! While still illegal on school grounds, it was still an abusive practice of randomly searching three or so times a year. It eventually ended from backlash and lost class time.

The indoctrination that the student’s shouldn’t take any initiative to be responsible for themselves, and that the school (government for us grown ups) is going to take care of you for you…. That is scary bad medicine!!!
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