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Jmstr, I was replying to him. I don’t know how to reply to a particular post, so I replied about the post being something that I thought I saw a long time ago. Which is what I said. Also thought that it was odd, in that context. He reminded me that the post was from April, and I replied about my memory not being so great.
Didn’t really notice the post date before I replied. Which means I guess I saw it from APRIL and FORGOT.
And yeah, I created an account to reply to that. Sorry if you have problems with that, and TBH, I didn’t even notice your post.
I honestly thought I had been a member here a long time ago, but couldn’t find anything in my list of passwords.
No wait, I just re read YOUR post. I was saying I wasn’t trying to stir things up, not the other way around.
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