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As an aside, I have to point out the aftermarket trigger can be a factor. I put one of the Rifle Basix triggers on a pre-Accutrigger Savage about 20 years ago and after adjusting it where I wanted it, had one round go down range when I closed the bolt, imitating the infamous Remington problem. I immediately adjusted the trigger weight up and that seemed to solve the problem.

In that instance, like the OP's, the barrel was safely directed at the berm on a range that was hot, but it is still a little unnerving to have happen. Later I got a compound lever replacement trigger for it and removed the simple Rifle Basix design. Mind you, I don't think the Rifle Basix trigger had anything wrong with it, but rather just that the overall design of the direct-release trigger mechanism is not one that can be counted on to allow tuning as delicate as I wanted.
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