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Hi @44caliberkid

That might not be a bad idea though because of hunting regs where I am I need to have a muzzle energy of 1,700 ftlbs and therefore a minimum of MV of 1,786fps with a 240gr bullet. I worry a bit that the XTP and the Sierra JHC being hollow point / cavity might struggle a bit with the impact velocities that leads to.

The 240 XTP works great as a hunting bullet in rifles. I load them with H-110 or 2400 and get 1800 fps (+or - 5 fps) out of Ruger 16 inch carbine. Every deer shot with it has dropped in its tracks when hit in the heart/ lungs, big exit wound with the rifle, but using an 8 inch Raging Bull, I've recovered bullets just under the skin on the exit side that were perfectly mushroomed and 90% still there. I've never had to track a deer shot with an XTP.
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