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Road_Clam.....Hoping for the same ! I did my first "e-file" kiosk method from the Silencer Shop.
No, you didn't.
All the kiosk does is scan fingerprints and let the buyer fill in information for the PAPER Form 4 that SS will submit with your photo and a printed fingerprint card. The kiosk doesn't submit anything to ATF.

eForms is the online system at ATF that allows you to file NFA Form 1's, 2's, 3's, etc EXCEPT for Form 4's. It IS an electronic submission and you don't submit a paper form.

At one time Silencer Shop would file F1's for customers, but ATF did a 180 and now does not let that happen.

I bought the Dead Air Mask 22 HD rimfire. Looks like my form 4 is complete and has been submitted as of 12/28 / 2020
Most popular silencer I sell.
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