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I'm not a museum curator,but this is close.

The 1903A4 went to war with the Weaver 330.

Later in the war,the Lyman Alaskan was recognised as a better scope.

It was going to replace the Weaver 330. A substantial order for Lyman Alaskans was put in.IIRC,it was MAYBE 3XXX .

So,on paper,the Lyman Alaskan achieved being an accepted 1903A4 scope.

But the war was ending,the need was going away,and the order was canceled.

Once again,I'm not an expert,this could be partly wrong,But the M1D was destined to be the next gen sniper rifle.

It seems to me the basic Alaskan design was retained,but it was "militarized"
with a sunshade,eye cup,and turret covers.
I believe the contract did not go to Lyman,but another outfit that had "Ford" in the company name.
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