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Yeah you are completely right. I should have just drove around in circles going to convenient stores snacking on peanuts and circling the parking lot until they were gone
You likely had several options at your disposal and opted to grab a gun( in hand) and walk headlong into a situation that you already had a sense of foreboding about. Maybe 5 minutes would have made the difference, maybe observing them for a few moments would have given you an honest level of articulable suspicion that you could have reported to police and have them checked out. Maybe the hotel has security or other agent who could determine if they were loitering or guest and handle the problem for you. Maybe they were hotel staff on break .. who knows? Your effort to mitigate the problem seemed to be ( the gun). I am not saying that you did anything wrong, immoral, unethical or illegal. I am simply suggesting that there may have been a more prudent way to at least try to mitigate danger and I have already mentioned it. If you didn't want to do any of those things, fine but the story makes for rather easy criticism.

As I said earlier, you did a good job ( rather exceptional) job at observing critical nuances as well as how those nuances translated into potential danger.

I am simply a firm supporter of the basic edicts of personal safety and I would have made at least a passing effort to avoid giving them an opportunity to confront me. I am not saying I would sit in my car for an hour or significantly derail my plans because 3 guys look suspicious in a parking lot but I would have done a little more before grabbing a gun. That's just me
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