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We would have to outlaw semi automatics, period. I am all for it, I'd gladly regulate my right so that everyone can go to events with out fear.
Because semi-automatic firearms are the only credible threat (or most dangerous threat) to large events?

What about trucks, or bombs or fire. What about fireworks or thunderstorms. Do you realize that some years ago 53 people were killed in a stampede at an outdoor concert when thunderstorms panicked them?

Pyrotechnics at one concert started a fire that caused 100 fatalities.

Are you going to make a list of things that have caused mass casualties at events and prioritize them by how common and deadly they are, start at the top and then keep working down the list until some pre-determined balance of personal freedom and regulation is reached, or are you just going to pick the most sensational/most aligned with other agendas and ignore the rest? In other words, is this really about preventing casualties or is it about using circumstances as a rationale to further an existing agenda?
Do you know about the TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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