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Winchester had long changed the "Model 1894" label to "Model 94" by the time the 1960's came along.

And, FYI, even though your Dad might have purchased it in 1964, it was most likely "in the pipeline" for awhile before it got to him - SN 2,599,632 is the highest seen & verified pre-64 Model 94, & the factory Polishing Room records list SN 2,599,694 as the last SN made in 1963, so you actually have a 1963 model.

FWIW, The value of ANYthing would be commensurate with it's condition:

A tomato stake per-64 Model 94 might be worth only $100 or so for parts; while a NIB/pristine example worth closer to $500/$600 - although some sellers seem awfully proud of theirs, judging by their asking prices.


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