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Sorry to resurrect a zombie thread, but I came across mention of this device/revolver in a book I recently bought ("Oruzhie Spetsnaza", by Ardashev and Fedoseev), and thought I'd add what I found; apparently, the brothers Mitny made more than a few suppressed firearm designs, to the point where later partisans would often call ANY silencer a "BraMit device". Anyway, their initial design was of the type described and pictured above, basically a modified 7.62 Nagant that fired saboted .22 calibre projectles; the revolver would seal the barrel/cylinder gap at the rear, and the muzzle was closed off with a pivoting drum that would catch the sabot, but allow the .22 calibre projectile to travel through the device. After the shot, the front drum could be rotated to eject the sabot out the back, and it would be ready for another shot. HTH.

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