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You honestly think those are REASONABLE? That is the biggest list of crap I have ever seen. I never thought PA was a good place to live until I was old enough to read gun rights. I can buy multiple guns on one 4473 form all day every day, not once a month. I do not have a magazine restriction, I do not have an approved firearms list. If I wan't to buy a sound suppressor or fully automatic, the right paperwork and a $200 tax gets me those.

Only really stupid gun law we have here in PA is I can't hunt with a semi-automatic rifle, not even a .22 for squirrels. :barf:

But if you think any of those restrictions are reasonable, you might as well move to Chicago and join the rest of the sheep. My heart goes out to the folks stuck there, but its appalling anyone on this form would say those are reasonable.
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