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In this day and time, using dogs to hunt apparently seems to be a bad thing and unethical. Blah, blah, blah.

I grew up in NE Louisiana, near the Mississippi River, and in the lowlands. I believe that the practice of hunting with dogs goes back more than a century. It wasn’t for sport, but for food. A few years ago, when my folks were still alive and in their mid 80’s, Mom loaned me a book that was precious to her. It was by a woman that I had met when she was very old and I was very young. She owned a Plantation, and you’d think she was rich, but in the early 1900’s they hunted for food. During the Great Depression they were always in a search for food. They hunted squirrel, rabbits, deer, Turkey, fish, and even turtles. Until I read the book, I had no idea how difficult it was to have enough food. They didn’t buy food. They hunted it to survive. It was amazing to me how much of the book focused on finding food.

One of the woman’s favorite guests was General Chennault. She played tennis with him and they hunted together. She said he’d fly over from Barksdale Air Base in a fighter plane, in the 30’s, and practice gunnery in the lake behind her Plantation home.

So, hunting with dogs had a reason back then, but didn’t fade out in that area until my youth in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

And...on rabbit hunting, if you never experienced the thrill of listening to the beagles track a rabbit, you have not lived. We’d usually get two or three big Swamp Rabbits per hunt. Not exactly stripping the woods of wildlife. And spare me the talk on ethics. Is hunting a few rabbits with beagles any worse than raising rabbits in a cage and knocking them in the head for the dinner pot?
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