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Should I Buy a Taurus 94?

I'm looking for a small frame .22 target revolver that shoots good and doesn't cost a lot. I want a stainless steel finish, a 4 inch barrel and a 9 round cylinder. I plan to use the piece to cheaply practice double-action revolver shooting.

I like the looks and specs of a Taurus 94, but I've never shot one. It looks like I can get one lightly used from an internet ad for about $300, including shipping and local FFL fee.

I've read a lot of posts on this board from people who think well or badly of Taurus firearms. This time I'd like to hear specifically your Taurus 94 stories, and your opinion whether I should buy one of these guns or not.

Other models in my price range that I've looked at are the High Standard Sentinel and the H&R Sportsman, but these guns only come in blue finish, and I'm leery of buying such an old gun sight unseen from an ad.

S&W Model 63, Model 37, or a current J-frame with an aluminum cylinder and a long barrel would meet my spec, but cost more than I want to spend on a .22 revolver.

There's a stainless 4" Ruger GP101 .22, new in the box, for $450 with sales tax on display at my FLGS. Should I spend the extra cash and get the Ruger? It's just a trainer, I'd rather get a cheap gun.
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