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Gold is not a good deal. The single most basic rule in investment, buy low, sell high. Gold is not priced low. If someone is making a major effort to sell gold then it is because they own a lot of it and they want to sell it now while it is priced high. I know there is a radio talk show that airs all day long targeting conservative folks with doom and gloom stories then has entire dedicated segments pushing gold. The radio station is owned by the gold sellers and they are no more honest and above board then the other media outlets. I wish it weren't true but all the media outlets are owned and corrupted.

We couldn't keep gold as a standard for money anymore cause we are using it as a material in manufacturing products, sooner or later it will keep getting used up. How can you base the worlds currency on a material that is disappearing. Precious metals are just a commodity, no different then tin and copper. They all have value, but it is market value determined by supply and demand.

Ammo is also a commodity, we have seen the effects of supply and demand lately and we see that it is real. But like most commodities, its real value stems from the use you can get out of it.
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