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Homeland security has ordered 6 billion rounds now, but people here will tell you it's for training. If it was just for training then why is the money coming from the social security fund. Anyway... what do I know. Maybe they realized their people can't hit a barn if they don't practice. It's just funny to me they realized this just as they start talking about taking people's guns. I don't know if they caused the shortage but it couldn't have helped.

On a side note... why do we need homeland security? Isn't that the FBI, and the national guards job with the armed citizens to back them up. Oh wait... militias are terrorists. I forgot.

Think what you want well you're still free to do so. More or less.
The number one cause of death in the 20th century. 290,000,000 citizens were first disarmed and then murdered by their own governments. This number does not include those killed in war.
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