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Alyssa gave you the number of the expert at UL, call the guy and hear what he has to say, you might learn something new.
What exactly am I going to learn? The expert, that you're hanging your hat on, can't give us an example either.

And, a manufacturer isn't going to want you or any competitor to know how they can achieve a UL fire rating
The few companies using ceramic wool (mostly gun safe manufacturers) are bragging about it, openly, on their websites.

I know what manufacturers use, because I can see it with my own two eyes. I may not know the exact ingredients, but I can clearly see the difference between cast and ceramic wool. I have never seen, nor have any of the other professionals that I know, a UL listed safe using ceramic wool as its primary insulation.

and since UL is paid by their customers and likely have had to sign a confidentiality agreement, they are not permitted to share the customer specific information so that shouldn't be a surprise.
I get it. All of the companies using cast insulations are public knowledge. I can list them all here if you would like. All of the companies using ceramic insulations are top secret. Nobody knows, and nobody will ever say, except the gun safe manufacturers (that don't have UL fire ratings).
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