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Actually, he gave me a list of safe mfg names with UL Fire Class ratings on them, but couldn't say who used what, or what safe model was tested with the ceramic insulator. I would have needed to call the manufacturers and hope they tell me. Again, your more than welcome to call him. I'm sure he would give you the same list. While your at it, call everyone on the list an let me know what UL rated fire safe uses ceramic, now that we know there is one (or maybe more) out there.
He couldn't say because he didn't know, or he couldn't say because it's some sort of secret? It's not really a secret, as anybody who can pull the back panel off of a safe's door can see what's inside.

I've never seen one, nobody I've ever talked to has seen one, and nobody can show me one.

Since you and Adirondack seem to be the only two making the claims of the superiority of ceramic insulations, I would assume that you would have examples to hold out.

Remember, we are looking for safes with a UL fire tag that use ceramics as their sole primary insulation.

I suppose I should also add that I sell safes that use ceramics for their insulation as well. None of them are UL rated.

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