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Originally Posted by WESHOOT2 View Post
I shot 41 Action Express at my first IDPA match.
It is "Execution as specified".
USPSA is "Determination, then execute".
I had a 41AE back in the day. I never used it in competition or carried it though. I bought it as a fluke because it came with 7 boxes of ammo for $350. It was one of the old IMI Mini Eagles IIRC, maybe they called it the Jericho back then too. It was back in 92 or 93.

I still shoot a 40 in USPSA and in IDPA, mostly because I cast a 135gr LRNFP and load it over 4gr of TiteGroup for about 800fps. It takes down poppers and plates nicely and feels like you're shooting a 38 with wadcutters.

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