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Originally Posted by ballisticxlr View Post
MOA is not awesome for a lot of reasons. Go mil/mil. I'll justify that with facts because opinions are like buttholes.

1. You don't have to "think" in MOA or Mil because nobody in the whole world thinks in angular units of measure, so you don't have to concern yourself with "learning" anything. You plug your numbers into the ballistics calculator and tell it to use mils and bango, you're golden.
2. MOA makes interpolation HARD at long range. Interpolation is what you do when you have data for 700 and 800 yards but not for 768yrds. With MOA as distance grows the differences between 700 and 800yrd (or whatever distances) can start getting into 2 digits on the left of the decimal which is dramatically more difficult to do under pressure and in your head than just 1 digit. With mils, you won't see that kind of stuff until ranges get just absurd and you're needing special rifles and special scopes just to play.
3. If you convert to using meters as well, which is not hard, then you suddenly have an angular unit and a linear unit that are both base-10 and that makes certain bits of math long range shooters have to do sometimes a TON easier.

1. MIL, or milliradians represents 1/1,000th of a radian. a Radian is a unit of angle......
1. that's all fine and dandy until you don't have a ballistic calculator and need to do the math in your head...
2. valid point
3. I personally have no plan to use meters in the near future, but the OP has used it in the past so it may be of some value.

As I understand it, both are angular units of measure. MOA is in fractions, MILs is in 10ths or decimal format.

Personally I can do MOA in my head I have done it so long. And if your using a ballistic calculator it would be equally easy to use compared to mils... Honestly I think it comes down to personal preference.

ok the 700-800yd problem vs 768yds for my 30-06
cheat sheet for drop on a 3x5 card in 100yd intervals
700yds 17.56moa, 6.4mrads, 184.4in
800yds 22.01moa, 5.11mrads, 128.7in

I would estimate an additional 3moa, about 60% more for the 68yd increase so 20.56 moa
calculator says 20.53
that means I would be off by 0.03 moa or .23in.... no calculator needed, just a cheat sheet with bullet drops in 100yd intervals...

a) have a vortex good glass
b) I think MOA is fine, personal preference
c)the holes generally are for pic rail, whether is is a small section with 1 slot, or a rail with lots of slots. I would leave the rail in place.
d)FFP is what I prefer. the retical will change size to keep any measurements accurate. SFP scopes if there is BDC or measuring markers they generally only work at max power.
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.

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