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good, meh idea? got a Aero .223 Wylde Fluted stainless

Hey there,

Had a wild hair to replace a pencil PSA Freedom classic barrel only because I started having the perception of "meh" with it. Within a day of thinking of getting new, I bought a (just a copy and paste to make it easier) "Aero Precision AR15 16in .223 Wylde Fluted Barrel Complete Upper" with a stainless barrel. Obviously 1/8 twist. Atlas One free floating.

Stainless, 223 Wylde, free float, and 1/8. Only thing I kept similar with the PSA was 16" length.

Should have read more, but in what I did read, seems like I'll likely not have made a bad decision?

Any opinions? Would appreciate to hear them as I know not much on rifles.

My wife is a pulmonologist (respiratory Dr) and epidemiologist. If you have any questions on COVID, please reach out to me in PM.
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